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Rogaine vs. Propecia

There are four different modalities the FDA approves for treatment of hair loss:

  1. Hair Transplant Surgery
  2. Laser Hair Therapy
  3. Propecia
  4. Rogaine or Minoxidal

The first one, hair transplantation, has the highest success rate.  Second you have laser hair therapy.  There are several different types of laser hair therapy products on the market which can cause some hair growth and can cause stimulation of your existing hair and could cause your existing hair to act more manageable and more thicker.  The third option is propecia, an oral pill that people take once a day which is a DHT blocker and has about a 70% chance that it will stop your hair from falling out.  There are some side effect to propecia that would be discussed at your consultation, but it is the most effective medicine to keep hair on your head.  Lastly there is Rogaine or Minoxidal. In 5% of men and 2% for women, this treatment is shown to be about 50% effective in causing your hair loss to slow down. It could also cause hair growth in some patients.  Those are the four different modalities for treating hair loss in order of decreasing effectiveness.

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