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At the Medical Hair Transplant Center, Dr. Albert personally performs each procedure. Only one patient is scheduled at a time, and our attention is focused on only that person’s work. Plenty of time is allotted for each case, so the work may be done in an unhurried manner. We even offer an optional sedative to significantly relax the patient and make the procedure stress-free.

There are several technical factors involved that contribute to a final successful result – all of which Dr. Albert would be happy to discuss in detail with you at the time of your free initial half hour consultation.

The personal side of the transplant procedure can also be explained by Dr. Albert, since he has had the procedure himself, and is very pleased with the results.

before  after
Dr. Mark Albert is proof that modern hair transplant techniques
work effectively and look completely natural.

We pride ourselves on producing a result that is natural in appearance both while it is being done and after its completion. Each patient is important to us. We are committed to approaching hair transplantation as a true “art” and taking meticulous steps to insure the best possible result for each patient.


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