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Over the last ten years, I have helped several trans-gender   patients acquire a female hairline using hair transplantation. The    results have been excellent. It usually takes 2 – 3 procedures to give   the patient a female hairline that she desires. But by  the time the   process is finished, the patient has always been happy with the results.   Acquiring a female hairline is very  important for trans-gender   patients. It appears to be almost as important as many of the other   physical changes that they are  attempting to achieve.

I always have a long pre-operative consultation, which is free, for   the patient to determine the proper course of action and  whether she   is actually a good candidate for the surgery. There are several factors   which play into who is a good candidate  or not. And this is something   that will be discussed at length at the free consultation. I urge anyone   who is interested in  this surgery to come in and talk to me because it   certainly might be quite helpful in achievement of their goals. It is    important to have an honest, caring physician in this particular   situation and myself and my nurses can certainly provide  this type of   atmosphere. The trans-gender patients that I’ve had tended to enjoy   coming to my office, and talking to my nurses  and myself; they don’t   feel the least bit uncomfortable when they are at the office.

As far as the plan of surgery goes, it usually requires several   thousand follicular units to recreate the hairline. And as I  mentioned   earlier, this is usually done in two to three procedures. You can   certainly establish the hairline after the first  procedure, and give a   good amount of hair even after one procedure. But the second and even   third procedure is usually wanted  by the patients to give them the   density that they are hoping to achieve. The result is a totally natural   looking female  hairline. And as I mentioned most of my patients have   been very happy with the results. It is important to realize that if    you want a thick head of female hair, you might be better off committing   yourself to a wig because you will never be able to  achieve the   thickness of a wig using the hair transplantation technique. But you can   certainly give a nice head of female  hair using hair transplantation.

This will all be discussed during the consultation in detail. And   as I mentioned, I usually commit a large amount of time to  talk to my   trans gender patients considering hair transplantation.

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