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Follicular Unit Extraction

Donor Strip Excision: FUE vs Strip

Follicular unit extraction is one of the most hotly debated topics in hair transplantation today. FUE consists of using a tiny instrument to dissect out individual one or two hair grafts, as compared to dissecting out a strip of hair, which has been done since around 1990, and which is still the technique employed by most hair transplant doctors today.

Be careful what you read on the internet. There are some people who claim that FUE is the latest in hair transplantation techniques, and the strip excision technique is a thing of the past. This is not true at all. Anyone who hypes only FUE is just being self-serving.

There are two instances in which FUE is a better technique:

1. A patient who ends up with abnormally wide donor scars could possibly be better off doing FUE, and FUE could be used to hide the first scar if it does occur. Only about 1 % to 2% of patients fall into this category. That means, 99% of patients do fine with the strip excision technique.

2. Some doctors transplant chest hair once a patient runs out of hair from the back of their head. This is rare, and is more of an academic exercise than a reality.

It is very important to understand the following about follicular unit extraction (FUE):
1 It cost twice as much as strip excision 2 It takes twice as long 3 Many physicians who do only FUE claim that everyone should do this technique because” you can avoid that scar in the back of your head.” ┬áThe truth is, often when people do the FUE, the back of their head ends up with a “moth eaten” appearance because of all the multiple small punches used. So in the end, you may have to keep a little bit of length to your hair anyway to cover the multiple tiny punch scars. So in the end, you can spend twice as much money, procedures can take twice as long, and you haven’t gained any advantage by doing FUE. The scars from the strip method usually end up healing as fine thin lines. Come see me at the free consultation and we can discuss this further

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