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Are you tired of your old hair piece?

Many patients come into my office wearing hair pieces who are just tired of it and want to get out of it. Whether they want to get out of it just because it is too expensive or they are just tired of wearing something on their head that is artificial, or for what ever reason, it is easy for us to transition the patient. From his hair piece to a hair transplant, transition is a rather simple one. The patient can get a lot of hair in just one hair transplant session.

hair piece
Procedures: 4
Goal: Full Head Of Hair
Grafts: 2,600 Age: 40s

And that might be enough for him to be able to get out of his hair piece. In my experience, most people who want to get out of their hair piece end up doing two or three hair transplants sessions because they want their hair as thick as possible. Many patients who wear hair pieces tend to be the kind of men or women who are used to having a thick head of hair. And so, many times they are not happy until they have three or four thousand grafts on their head.

However, that is not the case with every patient. Very often I have had patients who after even one transplantation are able to transition out of their hair piece. During the free consultation we will talk about the technique and process for allowing you to stop wearing your hair piece.

Usually the patient needs to wait two or three days before he puts his hair piece back on after a hair transplant procedure so he can give the grafts a few days to heal. Afterwards, it is best if you use the hair piece mostly during the day and early evening hours and then when you’re home at night you can take it off and let the grafts breathe a little. It is usually best, obviously, that you do not put any glue or tape directly over the new transplanted grafts. So patients usually either use small pieces of tape in front of the grafts to hold the hair piece on or even better, sometimes they could change over to clips to hold the hair piece on their head. It’s ok to wear your hair piece for the entire resting period until you’re comfortable taking it off, as long as you give the grafts some time to breathe, generally at night. It’s usually not a good idea to slap the hair piece back on two days later and then never take it off. It really does help to give the grafts some time to grow and breathe. I’ve had many, many patients do this successfully and there is really no difference between a person who wears a hair piece and a person who does not wear a hair piece. Each individual is different and each case will be discussed at length during the free consultation. If you’re tired of wearing something or you’re tired of going for your monthly visits you have to make to keep the hair piece looking natural, then stop in and we can discuss how you can start wearing you own natural hair that grows and is much more comfortable.

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