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Not only is Dr. Albert the physician, he’s a patient too.

The goal of our hair transplant practice is to provide affordable, high quality hair replacement services for men and women who desire their own permanently growing hair. We strive to deliver this service in a very personal manner that provides the exact plan that works best for each individual. Call us today at (800) 424-HAIR or fill out the form on our homepage to request more information.

Please note:

In the last few years, the field of hair transplantation has been changing and improving dramatically. With new techniques and follicular units, we can now offer results that are far superior and less detectable than those available only five years ago. Unlike many practices that perform other cosmetic surgery, we focus on hair transplantation. About half of all men eventually develop male pattern baldness, the medical term for a receding hair line or spreading bald spot. This is hereditary, which means that each man’s genes determine before his birth which hairs are to live for a lifetime, and which are to die prematurely and fall out.

Male Pattern Baldness

If you have male pattern baldness, you know that it is affecting the front, top and crown of your head. What you may not know is that the hair on the back and sides of your head is programmed by your genes to grow for the rest of your life. These hairs will do so whether they remain where they are, or if they are moved to another place on your body.

The only known way to restore hair to the top of your head is to take some of the permanently growing hairs from the back and sides and meticulously distribute them over the bald and thinning areas of your scalp, according to a carefully planned pattern. These newly transferred hairs quickly take root and, after a short resting period, grow — and keep growing for the rest of your life. This is hair transplantation.

Besides being a medical procedure, hair transplantation is an art. Each hair on your head grows at a definite angle, in a specific direction, making a hair pattern uniquely your own. In restoring your hair, we try to closely duplicate nature’s original pattern.

Modern Techniques

Using the modern techniques of blend-grafting with follicular units, we create a hairline that is designed to look natural and attractive in the years ahead.

When your new hair grows out, you can wash, comb, cut and style it as you like. It can even be permed or colored. You can sleep, swim, ski — in other words, do everything you always did, comfortably and confidently — knowing that, once again, you have your own, natural, full head of living hair!

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