We Provide Personalized Care that Saves you Money

I think the most important concept that separates my hair transplant practice from most of the others is the truly personalized care each and every patient gets at the Medical Hair Transplant Center.

I only do one patient per day, which means you personally get the undivided attention of the staff and me. Most of our competitors treat multiple patients a day, which means you may get a less personal treatment.

At the Medical Hair Transplant Center, I am the sole physician performing the procedure. Since our founding in 1996, I have performed around 4000 hair transplants, and I continue to be the only physician performing them. This provides our patients with the comfort and security of keeping the same physician who already knows their case, and helps to ensure that the doctor-patient relationship will continue over the years.

If you come in for your free hair transplant consultation, you will be evaluated by me, the doctor. Many of the other larger hair transplant centers have a sales representative conduct the consultation.

Finally, we cost less than most of the other transplant centers, often saving the patient up to 50% of what they would spend elsewhere.

So, in summary, if you come to see me, Dr. Mark Albert, at the Medical Hair Transplant Center, you get more personalized care, and you save money. That is a hard combination to beat.

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